New Residents

  1. About My City

    Learn about the local Zeeland community.

  2. Elected Officials

    Find out who your local, federal and state elected officials are.

  3. Events

    Find out what's happening in the community.

  4. Recycling / Household Hazardous Waste

    Find out when waste is picked up and how to best prepare your recycling.

  5. Recreation

    Visit the official website of the city's recreation department.

  6. Utilities

    Find out who to contact to begin utility service in Zeeland.

  7. Voter Registration, Polling Places & Precincts

    The city clerk's department is responsible for maintaining current and accurate registration of voters; supervising and conducting all school, city, state, and national elections; issuing all licenses required by city ordinance; recording all actions, resolutions and ordinances of the city council; and to examine and verify all accounts and claims against the city.