House Numbers

Are your house numbers up? In an emergency, seconds count and we need to find you! Please help us to help you, be sure your house number is clearly visible from the road for emergency vehicles to locate. These are some things to keep in mind when reviewing house numbers:
  • Be sure your numbers are at least 3 inches tall and preferably reflective so they can be seen at night
  • They should be high enough on your house to be found easily (not under doors or on your porch steps or hidden behind overgrown shrubs etc.)
  • Be sure they are always in good repair
  • If your house it back more than 50 feet, be sure that your house number is also located on your mailbox or near the road
  • Do not block them, especially in the winter with Christmas lights or decorations
Sometimes it is very difficult to find an address in a stressful emergency situation, make it easier on firefighters!