ICE Campaign

The 'ICE' acronym was developed as a way to put a next to kin in a cell phone. 'ICE' stands for "In case of emergency."

In the case of an emergency, emergency responders on scene can open your cell phone and scroll down to your ICE contact to call a family member and inform them of an emergency. This can be vital in an emergency because if you're unresponsive, medical responders can ask the 'ICE' contact important medical information. Responders can also inform the 'ICE' person of the incident.

How To Program Your Phone

  • Open the contacts in your cell phone
  • Select "Add Contact"
  • Under name, type "ICE - Name of family member" Examples: "ICE Mark", or "ICE Jamie" More Examples: "ICE 1" and "ICE 2"
  • Add phone number to call emergency contact
Now if you have an emergency, responders will scroll down to your 'ICE' contact and call that contact.