Letter From the Mayor 

Welcome to the City of Zeeland’s home page on the World Wide Web. Incorporated in 1907 and named after the Province of Zeeland in the Netherlands today we still benefit from the early heritage created for us by those who came from this Province

Zeeland has long been regarded as a quality place to live and to work. A cooperative spirit exists among leaders in business, education, churches, government and community residents. State statutes provide incentives for the city to offer tax abatements and low-interest financing to our local industrial and commercial establishments as a means to foster growth in our community. City-owned utilities and abundant water offer competitive prices and capacity for development also, providing business with an incentive to locate or expand their facilities here. The City of Zeeland has reaped the benefits of the creation of new jobs and an increased tax base through these means. Local businesses have responded also by devoting time and financial resources to charities, city projects and services.

In discussions with business leaders, it is apparent that a major reason Zeeland has such a diverse and expansive employment base is the strong work ethic and commitment of area employees. Business start-ups, relocation choices and expansion decisions are often determined by the skill levels, work ethic, and local spirit found in a community. This important aspect of the Zeeland community has played a central role in the excellent economic welfare of this area.

Excellent economic welfare develops and continues because of a cooperative spirit among business leaders, the public sector, and the people who make up a community. The members of the Zeeland City Council, City of Zeeland staff and I eagerly work with the Zeeland Chamber of Commerce and the business community in continuing to grow and prosper.

We hope you find our home page interesting and informative. We invite you to visit often to watch our site develop. Thank you for visiting.

Mayor Kevin Klynstra