Using hoopla

The Home Page

On hoopla's home page you can find what you have borrowed, recently returned, and look for titles in the six formats:

  • Audiobooks
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Comics
  • Ebooks
  • Television

Clicking on a format will bring up collections of titles based on:

  • Genre
  • Popularity
  • Recommendations
  • Featured
Currently Borrowed
You can see what you have currently borrowed from this page. Click on the cover photo to read, listen, or watch the title you have borrowed.

Recently Returned
Did your title get returned before you could finish it? That's okay! You can quickly find it on your Recently Returned list. Click on the cover photo to borrow it again.

The Favorites Page
If you have a favorite series, title, author, or artist you should click on the heart icon next to the title or in the top right corner. All of your favorites will be listed on the Favorites page for ease of access! Now you won't need to search for the series each time you want to borrow something.

Searching for Titles
You need to be on the Home page or Favorites page to use the search function on hoopla. Search for an author or title. You will most likely get many results, but you can click on the filter button in the bottom corner to narrow the search by format.

Kindles and hoopla
Kindle Fires (2014-Present) can support the hoopla app! If you have a Kindle ereader (Paperwhite, Oasis, or regular Kindle) you will need to use Libby/OverDrive to read library books. Learn how to get them on your Kindle here

Did you move and need to change your library on hoopla? 

In order to update your library on hoopla you will need to contact hoopla Digital via email.  The email address is

Please have this information ready: 

  • Both library names
  • State of the library
  • Both library card numbers
  • PIN for library card(s)