Bonus Borrows from hoopla

hoopa bonus borrows image

Bonus Borrows are Back!

One month per quarter (February, May, August, November), patrons can choose from hundreds of titles in our Bonus Borrows collection. These hoopla Instant titles will be at NO cost to libraries and require ZERO patron borrows! This only applies for items found in the Bonus Borrows collection.

To find these collections you will need to search the genres of audiobooks, movies, music, comics, ebooks, and television:

  1. Click on the type of material you want to borrow from the list on the homepage. 
  2. Choose Genres (on mobile) or Categories (on web browser). 
  3. Choose Bonus Borrows collections. There are multiple collections so be sure to look at them all! 

Here's how it will look on your mobile device:

Screenshot of eBooks Bonus Borrows 1

Here's what a bonus borrow will look like:

Screenshot of a bonus borrow title

Be sure to check if the item you want has the BONUS BORROWS COLLECTION message! 
Click here to see the November Bonus Borrows list.