Can I get text notifications from the library?

Here at the Howard Miller Public Library we use a service called Shoutbomb for library alerts. Shoutbomb allows patrons to see when their holds are ready, which holds are ready, and where to pick up the holds! You can also see which items are due in 3 days and which are overdue. This system also allows for renewal of books that are due in 3 days or less. Renewals might not always work for various reasons. If this happens please check the catalog or call us.  

It’s so easy to sign up!

  • Save this phone number (844) 225-9466 as a contact in your phone. It can be Library or Howard Miller Public Library or whatever you want.
  • Text SIGNUP+[Your library card number]+[Your 4 digit PIN]
  • You’re ready to go!

To add a family member's card just text ADDCARD+[Your library card number]+[Your 4 digit PIN]. To add multiple cards you need to send multiple messages. 

Change your PIN? You need to update it on Shoutbomb! Text NEWPASS+[Your library card number]+[NEW PIN].

Here are the commands Shoutbomb uses:

Shoutbomb Instruction Photo

Updated 3/11/2022

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