How do I renew or return my item?

You can only renew an item if its within 3 days of being due and no one has it on hold.  It is a common courtesy to return your item as soon as you're done so the next person can enjoy it! 

When you're ready to renew or return:

1.  Go your Shelf and pick "loans".

2.  Click "Manage Loan" under the title.

3.  Choose "Return Early" or "Renew Loan" if available.Return or Renew loans on Libby Screenshot

The other options are: 

Reading Journey - See how much time you've spent reading this title and the timeline for your checkouts. 

Share Title - If you really loved this title and want to share it with your friends you can share the link from here! 

Tag - Tag the title to group together your favorites, what you didn't like, or just about anything!

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