What is the timeline?

Our plan is to begin construction during the spring of 2023 with an anticipated fall of 2023 completion.  In order to be ready for construction during 2023, we will be working through final engineering, aesthetic design, special assessment processes, and grant policies throughout 2022.  Our intention is to have a final bid package ready by December of 2022.  During 2022, we will also be addressing items such as how to handle building insets, special assessment considerations for varying sized snowmelt systems, and project coordination.

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1. What will the project cost?
2. Where is the money coming from and Why doesn’t the city lower the millage instead?
3. Will downtown property owners be responsible for costs associated with this project?
4. Is there possible relief from an installation special assessment?
5. What is the timeline?
6. How will I access downtown during the project?