How will I access downtown during the project?

Since the scope of the snowmelt project only includes sidewalks and crosswalks - it is projected that vehicular traffic through downtown will be maintained during the majority of construction. We envision a phased approach to construction, and are anticipating block-by-block phasing in order to minimize disruption.  On-street parking spaces adjacent to the construction activities will be blocked off, in phases, as we work through the project, in order to facilitate contractor construction activities. We do realize though that some overlap between blocks will occur throughout the project in order to minimize the total disruption time to the Downtown.  We will work with the contractor in order to maintain front door or partial driveway access throughout the majority of the project, but realize there may be times when front door access will not be available (i.e. during snowmelt tubing installation and during the pouring of concrete).  During periods between sidewalk removal and reinstallation, when there is no concrete surface, temporary surfaces will be used,  such as gravel, plywood walkways, or through other means.

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6. How will I access downtown during the project?