What is the Main Avenue Project?

The Main Avenue project consists of a comprehensive refresh of the downtown district from State Street to east of Maple including new sidewalks, landscaping, light poles and bollards, irrigation, and asphalt paving.  In addition to refreshing the existing infrastructure, we will be expanding the theme of our downtown district into the block from Centennial to Maple which will introduce angled parking on the northside of Main Avenue and a mid-block crossing.  While this in itself is transformational, as part of the project the sidewalks, crosswalks, and mid-block crossings will all be reconstructed with snowmelt throughout the expanded district.

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1. What is the Main Avenue Project?
2. Why are we doing the project?
3. What will the project cost?
4. Where is the funding coming from?
5. What is the project's timeline?
6. Why are we starting the project east of Church Street?
7. What will access look like to the downtown district throughout the project?
8. What will access to individual properties look like throughout the project?
9. How do I ask specific questions regarding the project?